Financial Advisors: Finally – 7 Steps to Speed Your Success. Increase activity. Find new assets. More referrals . . . Now!

I'll teach you exactly how to pick up the pace of activity in your office NOW. It's easy with my "7 Tools to Speed Your Success."

Dear Advisor:

There is so much advice out there. Daily emails from Registered Rep, Financial Planning, On Wall Street, Practice management gurus, Referral boot camps, Countless webinars.

Information overload, to say the least. And all you want is something you can do today to increase business.

  • Of all the referral strategies you've heard, it all boils down to this one fact:
    You hate asking for referrals.
  • There are clients you need to talk to,
    but they are impossible to reach.
  • You have clients—they used to be good ones . . .
    but it's been so long since you talked to them, it's embarrassing.
  • There's either too much to do, or too little.
    And right now, you're doing too much admin, and not enough client meetings.
  • You know you should be prospecting more,
    but there's never enough time.
  • You need to develop business from outside of your book.
    There's no plan to do that.
  • At least half your clients have assets that you don't have.
    Why do I have to dig for it?

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So what are the 7 Tools to Speed Your Success?

These tools are culled from hundreds of articles I've written, and thousands of conversations. I know what's working today.

  1. Generate immediate incoming calls. You are an expert financial advisor, not a dialing machine. When you need to talk to a client, you would like them just to call you, right? If you take one hour today and use this one tool, you will have more incoming calls than you can handle . . . tomorrow.
  2. Re-open communication. This may not apply to you ... hopefully not. Key question: Do you have some clients you never talk to? Who knows why they slipped through the cracks in the first place. But that's where they are, and now, it's been so long since you called, you are embarrassed to call, right? This tool solves the problem. And here's the good news, don't ask for any business and you'll wind up asking for some business.
  3. Create the "Activity Effect." You know the feeling ... there's nothing happening. To be sure, sometimes too much is happening, which is certainly better than nothing happening. This tool creates activity. Activity creates business. It's that simple. This tool focuses on creating activity right where the money lies.
  4. Manage time better. You need some time to prospect, don't you? Yet you wonder, where's it coming from? Well, this tool, has only been tested a few thousand times, and helped build some of the biggest producers in the industry. You do need time to prospect. This tool will give it to you.
  5. Promote referrals. I can't believe I'm giving this one away!!! Do you know that you have some clients who are not aware you accept additional business? And why do they think that? Because you hate the methods you've been taught to develop referrals more than anything, so badly that you will not even mention the word "referral." This tool will FOREVER relieve you of thinking you should be asking for referrals. You should not ever ask for referrals.
  6. See more prospects. You certainly know there is a connection between the number of people you see and your gross revenue. What if the solution to seeing more people was as simple as...? It is. It's really simple. It might take you a few hours to get it organized, but next week you can be seeing more people.
  7. Find more money. Statistics show ... and common sense verifies ... that at least half of your clients have more than one advisor. That means they have more assets ... somewhere else. Those crumbs you find on the dining room floor at night are other advisors eating at your table. Your objective—push them out the door ... knock them off the shelf. The first step in doing this is unbelievable. In 25 calls you will fully know for yourself that I speak the truth.

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"7 Tools to Speed Your Success."

If you want to know how these seven tools can make an immediate difference in your business,
please call Jill Webster at 888.495.7303.

Now, you might be thinking, "I know what to do. No need to give away my information. They will just try to sell me something.

The answer is "Yes" and "No."

Some of the people who need "7 Tools to Speed Your Success" cannot afford our marketing system today. But we're farmers at heart. We know if we help you today, we have a chance of earning your business tomorrow.

To be sure, some of the people who pick up "7 Tools" do need us. Sooner rather than later. You're the ones we would like to talk to.

Now there are drawbacks to "7 Tools."

Unless you want to work nights and week-ends (not recommended), you will have to focus more, and perhaps implement a model day.

You will need to be out of the office. That's for sure.

And you may certainly need to acquire a couple of skills you don't now have.

But just remember that ancient truth ... keep doing what you're doing and you'll get what you got.

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