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Triple Double
Can you still double production? Can you do it twice? Even three times? In this webinar, you will learn the answers are "Yes," "Yes" and "Yes."

From $0 to $100 Million AUM in two years.
Seminars do work today. You can raise $100 M in 2 years. Let Joe Johnson and Bill Good tell you how.

Referrals Without Asking
Lee Davis joins Bill Good to explain how he gets over 80 "real referrals" a year without asking

Land Speed Record
Pay close attention as Bryan Sarff, Kal Dulku and Bill Good explore how one team launched a brand new business from a standing start. Complete this webinar and get copies of Bryan and Kal's seminar invitations.

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Financial Advisor Seminars:
Do they still work today?

Ask Joe Johnson
He Raised $100 Million AUM
In 2 Years
From a Standing Start

Joe Johnson has become a master of financial seminar marketing.  In two years, using the Bill Good Marketing System, he raised $100 million assets under management.

Joe Johnson, an FA from Chicago, added $100 million in two years with seminars.

If you are already intrigued and want to know what systems he used to raise $100 million, just pick up the phone and call Jill Webster, 888-495-7303.

From a standing start. No clients. No assets. Just total commitment and the best marketing system in the industry. $100 million in two years. UNHEARD OF.

Ask Joe, “Does financial seminar marketing work today?”

Webinar #1

Webinar #2

Joe was kind enough to join me for two webinars for me. There is some overlap between them, but if you are serious about growing your business through seminars you will:

1) Watch Webinar #1. Take good notes.

2) Watch Webinar #2. Add to your notes.

3) Download (and read!) “Seminar Success Zone.” (The link is over to your right.)

4) Call Jill Webster 888-495-7303. Find out more about our turnkey seminar marketing system.

In these webinars, you will learn:

  • How long should a seminar be?
  • How the Bill Good Marketing System® saved him time and expense by not having to develop all the tools of business development seminars himself.
  • What about seniors, do they have a short attention span?
  • When should you put a team together?
  • What lists does he buy?
  • What seminar title Joe used in Jan 2009. How he varies titles with the times.
  • How he determines where to market
  • What market did he start with?
  • What market does he focus on now?

Bill Good Marketing: Building Systems So You Don’t Have to

Joe brought the talent, drive and vision to the table. We brought the promotional and management system integrated with the Gorilla CRM®.

Our seminar promotional and management system has these objectives:

  1. Enable the team to produce and manage multiple seminars.
  2. Enable the FA to show up, give the seminar, and then rush back to the office to fill the appointments from previous week’s seminars.

To assist your seminar marketing campaigns, we have produced:

  • Three seminar marketing campaigns, 1 Seminar, 2 Seminars and 3 Seminars.
  • "Guide to Producing Perfect Seminars." This is a series of checklists that govern each important phase of seminar marketing.
  • Invitation Library. We have culled through countless seminar invitations to find the most successful models.

To find out if our system, and your goals, drive, and vision are a good match,
call 888-495-7303. Ask for Jill Webster.

Joe and I were willing—without question or quibble—to take the time to give you information that helps dramatically grow your business;
I was willing to have these webinars edited and posted FREE.
You can also have “Seminar Success Zone.”
I’ve done that for you.
Are you willing to do me this one small favor?
Pick up the phone and call 888-495-7303. Ask for Jill Webster.

Bill Good

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What is the
Seminar Success Zone?

To be in “the zone,” you must master seven processes.

Each process can be measured with a statistic. Each statistic must be in a certain range. If it is not in that range, it’s very hard to make seminar profitable.

But when the stats line up, you are in the Seminar Success Zone.

Can You Master Financial Seminar Marketing?

Yes, if you get your stats “in the zone.”

The stats are:

  1. Response rate.
  2. Show- up rate
  3. Appointment request rate
  4. Appointment set rate
  5. Appointment Show-Up Rate
  6. Close Rate
  7. Followup Rate. (These are the attendees who come in months or years later.)

Joe Johnson is in the zone.

Are you?

Can you get there?

Download the “Seminar Success Zone” today. Read it.