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Seminar Help Get More People Attending Your Seminars

Best bet: produce better invitations. One way to do that is to study what competitors are doing. In this online article, you'll learn how.

Read Bill's Review of "Lend Me Your Years" by Max Atkinson

This book will change the way you do seminars. Of all the books I've read on public speaking, this one is the best. Once you have an audience, you better do a great job with them. This book tells how.

Close a Higher Percentage of Prospects

There are really three ways to open more new client relationships: Have more prospects, Have better prospects, close a higher percentage. This link takes you straight to Bill's white paper, "The Good Way to Sell." There you will learn how to structure a sales presentation for maximum results.

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Seminar Challenge

We will show you how the Seminar Management Module that comes with the Bill Good Marketing System can help you:

Manage multiple seminars

Make sure no one slips through the cracks

Reduce the cost per attendee