Client Success

“We brought in $2.5mm in new money
in the month of February plus training
new staff and doing all the trading!!!”

- SM

Time Management

Team Management and Model
Day; Two Best Practices

It is literally true that spectacular success in the financial services industry comes from implementing more best practices. But some best practices are more equal than others.

Two of these are:

  1. Build a well-structured financial advisor team.
  2. Spend the amount of time allocated for work in the best possible way.

For a personal explanation of how the Gorilla CRM System can help
you build the team and to better utilize your time,
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The Well-Structured Financial Advisor Team

The first half of time management is having more of it. "The secret" to more time is a well structured team. There is a huge difference between a bunch of people doing stuff, and a well structured team.

In “Surefire Team Development” I have compiled all my articles from Research Magazine on team development, management and structure, but I have good news and bad news about it.

The bad news: it's long.

The good news: it's very thorough. And if you think about how much you might spend on your team over the rest of your career, it would make sense to download and read the best material on team development in financial services.

With a team, you buy selling time. But it's the Model Day that enables you to optimize selling time.

Marketing Financial Services: More Time Required

To build your Model Day, you need some resources.

  • First understand the concept. You'll want to read my two Research Magazine articles on Model Day. I've put them in a single PDF,
    Time Management for Financial Advisors.
  • Second, to understand the theory behind the mini-day and how to structure several mini-days into a modelday, download and print
    The Model Day: Key to Better Time Management.
  • Finally, download The Model Day Workbook. This is an Excel Workbook that will help you design your own Model Week. The culmination of our Model Day Method. There are 5 sheets in this workbook: Sample Model Week <$100M, $100M - $500M, $500M - $1B (+), My Model Week, and Time Block Guide.

    You'll want to look through each sheet to understand how to use this tool to make a Model Week that fits your office.